Roberto Moro Visconti, chartered accountant and statutory auditor, is professor of Corporate Finance at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milano and is the director of studio Moro Visconti – chartered accountants and financial consultants.

Prof. Moro Visconti manages a consolidated financial boutique that derives from a deep-rooted tradition of professional consultants in Milan.

The interdisciplinary approach to professional issues is based on core competences linked with long termed relationships with other professionals, in order to provide a tailor-made service to the client.

Long-term relationships with foreign and domestic clients are a key added-value, pursued mixing accuracy with pragmatism and reliability.

The academic background is analytically focused on problem solving issues. A systematic approach to complex professional issues is associated to innovative solutions, based also on empirical research, even profiting from international experiences and best practices.

Interactions mainly concerns professionals in the legal area (corporate lawyers, notaries, tax advisors, etc.), as well as the managerial sector (strategic consultants, engineers, scientists, managers, technical advisors, etc.). The target is to achieve synergistic added-value for the client, even from a relational standpoint.